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Made from a premium blend of organic materials, our mulch is comprised of leaves, shrubs, and other recycled wood, making it eco-friendly.

Produced in-house from local materials, our mulch is clean – no weeds, trash, metal, or other debris.

In addition, Akron’s Finest Mulch is triple-shredded. Not only does it give the mulch a finer, three-dimensional quality but it spreads easily and covers more ground, giving you more for your money.

After shredding, our mulch is dyed using high-quality, organic colorants. This critical step helps the mulch to hold its color for at least one full season - guaranteed.

Colors available include:






Advantages of our Much:

Suppresses weed growth

Provides uniformity to landscaping

Conserves soil moisture

Moderates soil temperatures

All Mulch is created equal, right?

Not our mulch!  Putting down mulch is a key step in keeping your ground soil healthy. The best time to apply mulch is late spring/early summer. During the day, soil temperatures are relatively high enough for the mulch to act as an insulator, allowing the soil to retain heat that can be lost during the night.

This allows early seeding and transplanting of some plants and encourages faster growth. As the season progresses, mulch stabilizes the soil temperature and inhibits weed growth. Mulch also improves the quality of your soil by helping it retain moisture. During a light rain, when moisture could evaporate quickly, water is retained by the mulch; with heavy rains, the mulch absorbs the water, preventing run-off.


Fine, Fresh & Fast

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