Made from a premium blend of organic materials, our mulch is comprised of leaves, shrubs and other recycled wood, making it eco-friendly.

Produced in-house from local materials, our mulch is clean – no weeds, trash, metal or other debris.

In addition, Akron’s Finest Mulch is triple-shredded. Not only does it give the mulch a finer, three-dimensional quality but it spreads easily and covers more ground, giving you more for your money.

After shredding, our mulch is dyed using high-quality, organic colorants. This critical step helps the mulch to hold its color for at least one full season - guaranteed.

Colors available include:

  • Natural

  • Black

  • Red

  • Brown


Mulch does more than just make your home and yard look good. A good covering of quality mulch will:

  • Suppress weed growth

  • Provide uniformity to landscaping


In addition, mulch promotes healthy soil by:

  • Conserving soil moisture

  • Moderating soil temperatures

All Mulch is created equal, right?


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