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For over twenty-five years, we have served the community of Akron and Northeast Ohio.

As the father-son owners of Akron's Finest Mulch, we began a business founded on a single principle:

To provide high-quality, organic mulch at a fair price.


Today, Akron’s Finest Mulch sells mulch, soil, and gravel to customers throughout Akron and Northeast Ohio. 

All products are all locally-sourced, to retain quality control.

  • Soil is screened to prevent rocks and other impurities from inhibiting plant growth.

  • Stones are selected to provide smoothness and uniformity for gardens and walkways.

  • Mulch is produced in-house to produce finer-quality, double- and triple-shredded mulch.

We enjoy working with our customers, working with them to create a beautiful and healthy environment for their most important investment: Their home.

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