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Garden Soil

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you drive in my yard?
    Absolutely not. Our trucks are heavy, especially while carrying product so in order for us to deliver efficiently we must stay on the driveway.
  • What is the difference between double and triple shred?
    Double shred is a hardwood mulch, twice shredded. Triple shred is an all bark, triple shredded.
  • Do you have rubber mulch?
  • Do you accept dumping?
    Yes, we have a dump fee that goes off of the size of you load. We accept yard debris and nature waste. We do not accept treated wood, trash, plastics, or tree roots.
  • How many square feet does mulch, topsoil and gravel cover?
    200sqft for mulch and topsoil. 150sqft for gravel.
  • Do you offer landscaping?
    Yes, we do! We have our landscape company, Sprout Landscaping, and would be happy to set you up an estimate.
  • What is the difference between limestone and washed gravel?
    Limestone is a white/gray rock mainly used to base or driveways. Washed gravel is best for decorative and is a brownish smooth rock.
  • Which topsoil is best for vegetable gardens?
    Garden blend since it is mixed with compost and peat moss, we do not recommend it for grass since it is acidic and will kill the grass.
  • If I pay the delivery fee can you deliver me just one yard?
    No, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Can you deliver two products at the same time?
    No, unfortunately we don’t have split beds and the products will mix.
  • How big are your trucks?
    Our trucks are 12 feet in width and vary with how much product it can carry. 550’s carry 12 yards of mulch, 5 yards of topsoil, and 4 yards of gravel. Single axels can carry 12 yards of mulch, 10 yards of topsoil, and 8 yards of gravel.
  • Do you have bagged mulch?
    No, we do not. But if you would like to bring a bag you can fill it up for a small fee.
  • Do you have play sand?
    No, we carry concrete sand only.
  • What is your minimum to get a delivery?
    It’s a 3-yard minimum for mulch and topsoil and a 2-yard minimum for gravel. Or a $75 minimum to get it delivered.
  • Do you have playground mulch?
    We do not have a certified playground mulch. We do carry a dye free natural mulch which works great for a playground.
  • Do you offer free delivery?
    We do not. There is a delivery fee and each one is different based on what city you are located in. It can be calculated at the time of checkout.
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