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Finally, a QUALITY product with QUALITY service at a QUALITY price

For years, Akron’s Finest Mulch has been providing quality products and services to our customers in Akron and Northeast Ohio. We take great pride in providing superior mulch that’s made with organic materials and is double- and triple-shredded, spreading easily and covering more ground than other standard mulch. We also use only organic dyes, for mulch that’s non-toxic and eco-friendly. And we offer convenient, same-day delivery for a flat-rate price, regardless of size.

We Deliver These SAME DAY!*

*PHONE ORDER ONLY & Must be within Zone 1 (Akron Zip Codes only)


Top Soil


Lime Stone




This history behind the township’s name is an interesting story in itself. The area had originally been known as simply Number 3, Range 12, of the Western Reserve, but this was superceded by Wheatfield, and then Hammondsburgh, after one of the early settlers. The question of a new name then came up at one of the town meetings; but discussion dragged on and was seemingly endless. Finally Jonathan Hale, another early settler, rose and exclaimed, “O, call it Jerusalem, Jericho, Bath, or anything but Hammondsburgh!” The motion was quickly passed and the township adopted the name of Bath, which, if nothing else, placed it first in the alphabetical listing of the county townships.

If you are in the following zip code, give us a call, we would love to hear from you! 

44210, 44333

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