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There is nothing like a warm, crackling fire, right? 


Indoors, it warms a home, providing heat or a backdrop to family celebrations or adding that special touch for the holidays.


Outdoors, it's perfect for crisp nights and bonfire parties, with marshmallows, hot dogs, and s'mores.

Indoors or out, we have firewood available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Why Buy Ours?

Firewood from Akron's Finest Mulch is properly seasoned, with a moisture level of 20 percent or less.

This is important, as improperly seasoned, or "green" wood, contains too much moisture, resulting in fires that are smoky and can't burn efficiently. Indoors, this can cause problems, including tar and creosote build-up in fireplaces.

Proper seasoning also works to deter mold build-up in the wood. If left unchecked, it can spread to other logs and when burned, can be released, resulting in an unhealthy environment.

firewood burning


Properly Seasoned for Maximum Warmth

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